J. Honoré Care is distributor and specialist of intelligent toilet solutions and other assistive equipment ensuring a dignified and barrier free toilet visit for everyone. We have established ourselves as Market leader and the preferred supplier and expert for wash-and-dry bidets in the Health Care sector of Denmark. J. Honoré was established back in 1943 and in 2007 the company decided to launch a new field of business leading to the foundation of J. Honoré Care.

References and project Aarhus

Our products has been tested and used in a number of projects and in close cooperation with the leading cities in Denmark within Welfare Technology. The city of Aarhus have published the results and benefits of introducing our products in the Home Care, where we currently have more than 800 active Care Bidets – Jasmin Care installed.

Here are some of the findings:

  • Aarhus City are able to safe 1-hour per user each week after introducing Jasmin Care
  • Users and care-taker expresses great satisfaction with Jasmin Care
  • Significant decline of urinary tract infections (UTI) and skin problems
  • Significant improvement of the work environment for Care takers. Less shoulders and lower back injuries.
  • 90 % of the users indicate that Jasmin Care has lived up to their expectations

 Quotes from some of the interviews with Care takers:

“When you discover that you are able to handle your intimate hygiene independently, you suddenly feel confident in trying other activities as well.”

“ A great pleasure for the user going to the toilet. He expresses great satisfaction with the bidet, before it was very problematic for him going to the toilet and difficult for the Care takers to clean him properly.”

“I can use the time better on other assignments after she started using the bidet. I also experience greater flexibility when planning my visits.”

“He is now more self-reliant and are able to go to the toilet without support”

Care Bidets

Care Bidets – Jasmin Care is designed and developed in Denmark. The development has been driven by years of experience and continuously learning from close interaction and feedback from thousands of satisfied customers, therapist and other specialist in the Scandinavian health care sector. The functionalities of the Care Bidets are designed with the mission of ensuring dignified personal care for all people.

The Jasmin is the most tested and best-selling product of its kind among the danish municipalities and has tested in cooperation with Danish Technological Institute. J. Honoré Care has developed an extensive range of assistive equipment working in combination with our bidets. The main objective behind our product development is to make life easier and more self-reliant for elderly, handicapped and people with disabilities.


We are always prepared to extend our international network of distributors and partners. Please don’t hesitate contacting us if you need additional information and material in English.


Mads Honoré Jacobsen

Head of Business Development

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